Learn. Grow. Change.

Boost your learning skills and achieve your goals

It’s a rapidly changing world, and keeping up with the changes is one of the keys to success.

But change requires learning, and learning can be tough, stressful – even frightening – especially if your learning skills are a little rusty or underdeveloped. How often have you ‘studied’ something or been on a ‘training day’ only to find a week later that it had all been forgotten? 

I help students and employees  to improve their skills and knowledge.

Whether it’s productivity or sales skills, a new language or the desire to be better at putting theory into practice, I can help you learn it faster and more effectively.


I give 30-mins to 2-hour talks on the subjects of Academic Learning, Language Learning and Personal Productivity. 

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If you prefer reading to listening, you might be interested in The Sorites PrincipleLearning a Language and 23 tips to Learn Stuff Better.

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I’m currently doing one-day and two-day seminars and workshops on the subjects of "How to Learn Stuff Better", "Personal Productivity" and "Public Speaking".

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“Ian is a person with a natural talent, able to make you feel comfortable, stimulating the environment. Indeed, a person worth sharing your time with. It’s always a win-win.”

- Alex Kroger, HP